Areas of Practice

  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
    Anderson, Sundell & Skinner has represented numerous client who have been injured in car accidents, workplace mishaps and other dangerous incidents.  Our clients have received millions of dollars in compensation for their injuries.  Your case if of the greatest importance to us.  Unlike big city law firms, you are our friends and neighbors – we will fight to get every dollar of compensation you deserve.

  • Criminal Law
    Mr. Sundell handles all matters of criminal cases.  Mr. Sundell has successfully represented clients accused of rape, manslaughter, sexual assault and other violent crimes.  A number of cases have resulted in not guilty verdicts.  Mr. Sundell also handles lesser offenses such as wildlife law violations, municipal ordinance violations, and other less serious offenses.

  • Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support
    Mr. Skinner’s practice concentration is divorce and child custody work.  Mr. Skinner’s primary focus is always securing the child custody arrangement that the client believes is in the best interest of the child.  Mr. Skinner is passionate about ensuring that his clients either receive or pay the proper amount of child support for their case.  Maintenance, securing a spouse’s share of retirement funds, making a fair distribution of financial assets, and dividing debts are of great importance.  Though child custody and distributing financial assets may be the focus of the case,  Mr. Skinner always works to make sure his clients leave the relationship with all of the non-marital and marital personal property they are entitled to.  Anderson, Sundell & Skinner, P.C. will be pleased to help you through your dissolution or custody matter no matter how big or small; whether it is a multi-million dollar dissolution with business and farm assets or a short-term marriage with no assets we are here to stand beside you from start to finish.

  • Traffic Law
    Mr. Sundell handles all types of traffic cases.  Whether you have been charged with felony DWI or have been issued a speeding ticket Mr. Sundell will provide expert representation.  Anderson, Sundell & Skinner, P.C. handles hundreds of traffic matters each year to include: DUI/DWI, driving while revoked, speeding tickets, defective equipment, failure to maintain financial responsibility, and countless more traffic violations.  Mr. Sundell will also assist you in restoring your driving privileges and other administrative licensing matters.  We are always proud to help commercial drivers with their problems; we want to help keep you on the road.

  • Drug Offenses
    Mr. Sundell has represented clients in all types of drug cases to include trafficking, possession, manufacturing, paraphernalia, and more.  Mr. Sundell has assisted clients with cases involving methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription pills and others. 

  • Real Estate
    Mr. Sundell is involved in all facets of real estate law.  Mr. Sundell can prepare real estate contracts, farm leases, and handle closings.  Disputes regarding easements, land use, trespass, unlawful harvesting of timber, contract disputes, and breaking of leases are regularly handled at Anderson, Sundell & Skinner, P.C.

  • Juvenile Law
    The attorneys at Anderson, Sundell & Skinner, P.C. handle abuse and neglect cases as well as juvenile delinquency matters.  Mr. Skinner represents many parents every year, whether court appointed or privately retained, and fights tirelessly to reunite parents with their children; Mr. Skinner believes in the preservation of family.  Mr. Skinner stands with his parent clients during the initial adjudication, disposition, and numerous family support team meetings – all the way to the end.  Mr. Skinner and Mr Sundell both handle delinquency cases and regularly assist youths when facing issues dealing with alcohol, shoplifting, assault, stealing, sex crimes, and other troubles young people often find themselves getting into. 

  • Estate Planning and Probate
    Mr. Sundell has helped hundreds of people with their estate planning needs.  Mr. Sundell can establish trusts and prepare wills. Mr. Sundell will help you have the peace of mind knowing that all of your physical and financial assets are secure.  Mr. Sundell will help you with going through the probate process after a loved one has passed; he will work to ensure that the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Adoptions
    Mr. Skinner has been involved in numerous adoptions.  Though most are uncontested adoptions arising from juvenile court after parents have had their rights terminated or are consented to step-parent adoptions, Mr. Skinner does handle contested adoptions where one or both parents refuse to voluntarily terminate their parental rights.

  • Guardianships
    Mr. Skinner and Mr. Sundell handle adult and child guardianship cases.  The attorneys represent people bringing cases to protect loved ones from physical danger and economic destruction.  The attorneys are also well experienced in undoing guardianships when they are no longer needed, particularly reuniting parents and children previously separated by the court.

  • Business Disputes and General Civil Work
    The experienced attorneys of Anderson, Sundell & Skinner represent plaintiffs and defendants in all manner of civil cases to include contract disputes, lease agreements, evictions, collection of money owed, defense from creditors, establishing a business entity, and much more.