Case Results

Felony DWI Third Offense Amended to Misdemeanor (January 2020)

Attorney Sundell has client’s felony DWI, third offense, amended to first offense misdemeanor after raising possible issues with the illegality of the stop and unlawful detention.  Further, attorney Sundell defended the Department of Revenue license suspension resulting in no loss of license.

Drug Distribution and Weapons Charges – Probation (January 2020)

Client charged with nine counts of drug distribution and possession of weapons.  Attorney Sundell convinces court to grant probation. 

Adoption Granted (January 2020)

Attorney Skinner completed a stepparent adoption while preserving the mother’s right to collect on tens of thousands of dollars in back child support.

Assault on Law Enforcement Officer Dismissed (January 2020)

After aggressive discovery and persuasive negotiations with the prosecuting attorney by attorney Sundell, two felony counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer were dismissed.  Client pleaded to only one conservation ticket. 

Order of Protection Denied (December 2019)

Attorney Jones stopped an adult order of protection from being entered against his client that otherwise would have adversely impacted his client’s prospects for future employment and damaged his reputation in the community. 

Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody Awarded (November 2019)

Sole legal and sole physical custody awarded to mother in Missouri after father brought custody case in California. Attorney Skinner participated in the California hearing and convinced the court to dismiss the case, thereby paving the way for a successful resolution in Missouri. 

Drug Trafficking (August 2019)

Client stopped with fourteen pounds of marijuana in trunk.  Client received only ten days in jail and four years suspended imposition of sentence.

Assault (August 2019)

Client charged with assault.  A “not guilty” verdict is returned by the jury in only fourteen minutes. Client acquitted of all charges. 

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Mr. Sundell secured a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of a family that lost their college-aged son in an apartment fire.  Mr. Sundell and co-counsel were able to successfully argue that the apartment complex failed to adequately protect the tenants with appropriate fire suppression equipment.

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

Football coach accused of several counts of sexual assault against a woman at a house party is found not guilty on all counts after a two day jury trial.

Maintenance Awarded to Disabled Wife

Disabled wife suffering from complications arising from cancer and diabetes was abandoned by husband for another woman.  Wife was surviving on disability payments of less that $650.00 a month and had to rely on the generosity of others.  Husband made only $14.00 an hour and vehemently fought paying any maintenance at all.  At the conclusion of a day long trial the court entered an order for husband to pay $300.00 per month in maintenance.

Client Exonerated after Juvenile Court Reversed on Appeal

Youth made a statement to a friend about blowing up the school with dynamite that his father was going to give him.  The youth was exonerated after a successful appeal by Mr. Skinner of the trial court’s erroneous ruling. 

Suppression of Evidence

A college professor faced up to fifteen years in prison for growing marijuana after a search warrant was executed on the professor’s home following alleged terroristic threats being made by the professor of social media.  Mr. Sundell successfully challenged the validity of the search warrant resulting in the trial court suppressing all evidence.  The county prosecutor appealed the trial court decision but lost again as the court of appeals agreed with the analysis and arguments of Mr. Sundell. 

Father Gets Equal Physical Custody

Mother sought to limit father to just every other weekend visitation with his infant child.  Mr. Skinner secured a physical custody schedule for the father where the father has the same amount of time with the child as the mother.

International Headlines

Mr. Sundell represented a high school student accused of sexually assaulting a high school freshman.  After a thorough defense investigation by Mr. Sundell and additional intensive depositions and casework all charges are dropped against client.  Client later plead guilty to a misdemeanor and received probation after a special prosecutor was appointed and charges refilled. 

Children Returned to Mother

Mother’s children were taken into protective custody even though mother had called a friend to care for them prior to law enforcement arriving regarding a complaint of domestic violence and excessive alcohol consumption.  The children were returned to the mother after Mr. Skinner successfully argued that the taking of the children was beyond the scope of the juvenile court system.